We are a company dedicated to create art pieces on copper, hadcrafted by artisans of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán. Using techniques that have passed through generations while preserving the soul of ancient crafts giving a touch of modernity to our pieces. On April 1st. 2001 born as an artisan company born. We stand as one of the largest companies in the region.

Here you can find art pieces to decorate your bathroom.

Take a relaxing bath in a copper bathtub designed by you, or choose from our catalog.


Give a luxury touch to your bathroom with a sink from our huge list of designs.

In the kitchen section you will find kitchen sinks that make n harmonious match with your kitchen, given a touch of elegance.


Find copper table tops, between other accessories to decorate your space.

In this site you will find handmade art pieces, just using a hammer, chisels and a great imagination to realize  his own designs or customized by the clients.


Between this crafts we have vases, copper walls, and ecological chimneys.

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Calle Yorcha , Col. Del Artesano

Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, México.





® D'artesano | Arte y Diseño en Cobre

Calle Yorcha #348

Colonia Del Artesano

Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, México.

Tel. 01 (434) 34 3 12 50, 34 3 12 37

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