The colors we use in our home play an important role, especially in spaces where we usually spend more time in the company of our family and friends, for example, the living room, or more personal places such as the bedroom or bedroom. bathroom The color combinations in these spaces never go unnoticed, especially when color palettes are combined that make certain decorative elements, walls or furniture stand out, giving a unique style that is very pleasing to the eye.

Color palettes can be used to give style to our spaces, but we have to be careful when choosing the tones to use to achieve a good result. In this blog we will give you a few ideas of combinations that you can use to decorate your home using copper pieces as a central element and the use of other materials such as wood, textiles, metals, among others.

Intense colours

You can use this color palette outdoors, especially if your house has a garden or a recreation area where you can hold meetings with friends. The colors we suggest for this combination are (in the image from top to bottom), Classic Blue , Cobalt, Canary, Tangerine and Orange.

The natural wood finishes for decks and furniture in reddish and orange tones, metals for bases and hardware in white tones and the green of garden plants are the perfect complements to achieve this color palette outdoors, giving life and color to the summer, and Of course the central element could not be missing: some beautiful copper lamps to give that final touch of color, imagine how it would look, doesn't it look good?


Pastel colors are perfect for dining rooms, living rooms and of course for bedrooms, mainly because they provide discreet lighting and can be combined with more intense color accents. The colors included in this palette are (from top to bottom), Coastal Blue , Gray Blue, Bone, Salmon and Mamey.

The use of textiles such as tablecloths and curtains in light and neutral tones, grayish woods tending towards off-white and natural woods in light colors are the perfect combination to achieve a space in Pastel tones, but don't you think it's missing something? That's right, touches of brighter colors, for that you can use indoor plants in green tones, whether hanging, table or floor plants, they will always give life to any room and decorative pieces in copper such as vases, vases, coffee tables or tables. auxiliaries and why not, lamps.

These types of colors are perfect if you plan to remodel your room, keep in mind that you can play with the combinations in your own way, of course without losing style and not saturating with colors of the same tone, a good idea is to provide accents by painting a wall of an intense color or using copper elements. A recommendation that we can make when painting a room is to use the 60/30/10 rule, with it you will choose a neutral base color that occupies 60% of the walls of the room and it is very important that it matches the colors of other rooms. rooms, adding 30% of a transition color that helps you define the personality of the room and 10% of an accent color in an intense tone that will help you give extra authenticity to the piece.


The Light-Dark color palette includes colors ranging (pictured from top to bottom) from Medium Grey , Light Grey, Oxford Grey, Deep Brown to Terracotta.

Perfect shades to be used in transition areas: halls, stairs, hallways and entrances. You can use finishes and doors in natural woods of medium and dark colors, on stairs the handrails can be in matte black and gray or brown vinyl tiles and to give color accents, copper pots with green plants. For the walls we suggest using neutral tones to highlight your copper pieces.
As they are spaces that are intermediate between one room and another, we recommend that you always choose colors that are in tune with the other choices you will make for your house, and by having synchronization of decorative elements, you will achieve an authentic home with a lot of personality.

We hope that these tips are very useful to you and that you can apply them in your spaces and give your house a new look. We assure you that your guests will be surprised. Remember that the style is created by you.

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