Alpaca Special Bath Sink Cascade Design

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The alpaca is an alloy of copper in conjunction with nickel and zinc, with a natural light gray color that has the property of being similar to silver without being so high cost.

The design of the Cascada washbasin has all the contemporary aesthetics of vanguard with D'ARTESANO's own craftsmanship, its rectangular shape gives it a unique practicality for use in any bathroom. Adding its high flange makes it easy to clean. 

We have a palette of 4 colors to choose from for the Alpaca, Bright which is a mirror finish, Mate which is a light gray nuanced, Argento which is a dark gray tone with a sanded striped finish and Old Silver a color similar to old silver.


Material: Alpaca
Finished: Martillado
Gauge: 16
Drain: 1.5"
Instalation: Under Counter cover


Handmade product, size and color may differ from the images shown.

Production time: 7 working days

**Subject to availability**